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ACCU - Wedge
ACCU - Wedge
Item#: AW1
ACCU-Wedge ™ - This part prevents any play from developing in the upper and lower of the AR15/M16 rifle. If you already have some play in the upper and lower assemblies, the ACCU-Wedge ™ will eliminate the problem.
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Price: $4.95
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by M. Whitney
on 5/28/2013
Easy, simple, good.
I put these on all my builds, even when they mate up pretty tight this just adds that little extra amount to the solid feel.
To the guy with the M&P saying that this is not worth it if you spend more than $600 on a rifle. It's funny that he supposedly did a ton of research before but didn't realize that his rifle is a high shelf build, mainly to prevent the use of a DIAS but it also keeps you from using this. 
So if it will fit then it is probably the best $5 (keep in mind that is approx 10 bullets) spent. 
by Shane
on 7/9/2012
Buy Daniel Defense and no loose upper/lower, problem solved

by Chris
on 6/21/2012
by the wedge only if you cut corners in buying your ar
I've read a million  different reviews on this before buying it even though it is less than 5 dollars in cost. When I went to install it on my s&w m&p 15or, I found out that shaving it down until you could nearly see through it, still was too thick for the rifle. Apparently smith and wesson Mate an upper and a lower together with such tight tolerance is that it does not allow for this wedge. So if you paid less than 600 dollars for your rifle, I would highly recommend this because you more.than likely have slop in the upper and lower.
by Len C
on 1/30/2011
Great Product for the $
Great product for stiffening the AR’s upper and lower make a solid platform but I am not sure it helps accuracy.  I don’t know about low shelf and high shelf (I am fairly new to ARs) but I have two now.  In my Bushmaster NM the accu wedge fits just right with a little bit of pressure to close.  In my brand new White Oak Arms upper and a RRA lower, no way will it close.  I will try the trimming method other have mentioned here. For the $s, this wedge really does eliminate an annoyance and a when a man has confidence in a gun he will shoot it well. I gave it 4 stars because they don’t tell you about the low/high shelf thing and the mfg that have which set up.
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